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Crochet swimsuits have been a huge trend this summer. If you are looking for an outfit to wear at the pool or beach, look no further! Here are 9 things that you need to know about crochet bathing suits.

1. Can crochet bathing suits get wet?

Most crochet bathing suits shouldn’t get wet. Crochet bathing suits are usually intended more for relaxing poolside or sunbathing at the beach, not going for a swim. They’re not ideal for prolonged water exposure even if you choose a yarn that can stand up to water better than something like wool.

That being said, crochet swimsuits can usually handle a little water. But don’t go for a swim in the ocean with one!

2. What kind of yarn is used for swimsuits?

It’s important to pick out the right yarn for your swimsuit, as that will determine whether it can handle water, sun, and the chemicals often found in pool water well. Materials like acrylic yarns and nylon are all good choices for crochet bathing suits.

If you’re looking for a more natural material, cotton is another good choice because it’s easy on the skin and absorbs sweat well too! It also has an elasticity that makes crochet bathing suits made with this yarn stretchy enough so they don’t feel tight or constricting either. If you’re planning on swimming or spending a lot of time with the crochet swimsuit wet, then cotton is probably not going to be as durable an option because water can break down its fibers over prolonged exposure.

Wool is usually a poor choice for crochet swimwear because it can’t stand up to water and tends to get heavy when wet, which can lead to sagging.

It’s also important to consider how the yarn is dyed, because some colors can run when wet. Make sure to get a yarn that is waterproof or at least water resistant.

3. Crochet bathing suits are super affordable

Crochet bathing suits are also super affordable. This is because they are made from inexpensive materials like acrylic yarn. The type of swimsuit you’re making will also affect the cost, so if you’re tired of paying $50 for a bikini, try crocheting your own. It can cost under $10 in materials!

4. Crochet bathing suits can be as modest or revealing as you want.

Another great thing about crochet bathing suits is that they can be as modest or revealing as you want, depending on your preference.

If you want to cover up more and show less skin, you can make a more conservative swimsuit that covers exactly what you want.

If you’re looking to show some more skin, a crochet bikini is a great option.

There are no rules when crocheting bathing suits so have fun designing one that is perfect for you!

5. Crocheting your own bathing suit means you’ll get the perfect fit!

Have you ever spent hours in a store trying to find a swimsuit that fit you just right? A crochet bathing suit would be the perfect solution for you!

Crocheting your own bathing suit means you can customize the fit to perfectly hug your curves!

6. Pick a tight stitch for strategic coverage

When crocheting a swimsuit, you’ll definitely want to pick a tight stitch to cover areas that you don’t want visible. Save the looser, frillier, lacier stitches for the edging and as decorative accents!

7. You’ll have a unique swimsuit

With your own crocheted swimsuit, you’ll never have the embarrassing faux pas of showing up to the pool party wearing the same swimsuit as someone else. Chances are most of your friends shop at the same stores, so the likelihood of buying the same swimsuit is high if you go the store-bought route. By crocheting your own, you’ll make a statement!

8. Be aware of tan lines!

Crochet swimsuits often have lacier patterns along the edges. This can create a patterned tan line that is more visible than with other swimsuits.

9. Show off your crochet skills!

Wearing your own crocheted swimsuit is a great chance to show off your crochet skills, and makes an awesome conversation starter at a party!

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