Free Mask Mates Ear Savers Crochet Pattern

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Wearing a mask isn’t fun and if it hurts your ears it can actually be painful. Nurses and doctors have to wear them every day, all day, so think about the pain they endure from the ear loops rubbing on the back of the ears. If you know how to crochet you can easily make a “Mask Mate Ear Saver” to attach the mask to behind the head, saving your ears from pain.

Free Mask Mates Ear Savers Crochet Pattern

Sarah Berens provides us with a simple and easy crochet pattern to follow.

These Mask Mate Ear Savers measure 5 inches when finished but you can make them larger or smaller. The size may vary based on your crochet hook site but the pattern adjusts.

Supplies Needed:

Click Here to download the Free pattern

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