How to Crochet: A Guide for Newbies

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How to Crochet: A Guide for NewbiesHow to Crochet: A Guide for Newbies book shows you how to do all of the basic crochet stitches with detailed instructions and step-by-step illustrations. You will easily progress from complete beginner to being able to crochet any of the projects in this book, and beyond!

This latest edition includes the instructions for four of crochet patterns: Boot Cuffs, Slouchy Hat, House Slippers, and Cloche Hat in addition to the quick and easy original patterns for a spa-style wash cloth, mesh scarf, Kindle cover, flower head band, and a basic granny square motif which can be used as a basis for many other projects such as afghans, cot covers, cushion covers……..the possibilities are endless!

Author: Sarah Taylor

Pages: 24 pages

Format: Paperback

Price: $1.99 (this book is often offered for Free) Buy on Amazon

About the Author

When I was teaching myself how to crochet one of the things I had a problem with was remembering the exact steps to produce each different stitch.  I had to keep flicking through the library book pages to find the instructions, then flick back to the project pattern that I was trying to follow, all whilst holding my crochet hook and yarn at the same time. This is where having the instructions to hand on your Kindle can make life a lot easier; you don’t have to thumb backwards and forwards through loads of pages – you can simply go to the Table of Contents and click through to find the instructions for each particular stitch.

Book Review

My grandmother taught me the basics of crochet and now I wanted to teach my grand daughter. After looking at several guides, I found Sarah Taylor’s book quite useful. She teaches you the basic stitches as well as how to create the Magic Ring (or loop). Her explanation of increasing and decreasing stitches is also very helpful. The instructions and diagrams are very clear and very easy to follow, even for a newbie. As a bonus, it was nice to also have some basic patterns I could use right away.

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